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Three Key Takeaways from USAID’s New Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit

Testing Data Collection with OpenDataKit

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More Data, Less Risk: Innovators Chart a Path to Financial Inclusion

Remote Sensing Part 3: Identify Healthy Vegetation From Space

Remote Sensing Series Part 2: Landsat is the Stalwart of Satellite Imagery Platforms (and it’s Free!)

GeekFest 2017: Q&A with Ian Schuler, CEO of Development Seed

[email protected] Year in Review: Top Five Posts of 2016

Remote Sensing Series Part 1: The Foundations and Applications of Remote Sensing

Mobile Data Collection: A Sector in Flux

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Machine Learning Will Help Development Projects Achieve Scale

Detecting Patterns in Survey Data with Data Visualization

Data Mining and the Human Development Index

Open Data! Parcel Boundaries of Northern Afghanistan


Open Innovation in 60 Minutes or Less

The Second Chance Fund: Learning and Iteration with Tech in Cambodia

GeekFest 2017: Discussing Blockchain and Economic IDs with Shailee Adinolfi of BanQu

Blockchain Summer News Round-Up: A Big Splash Into the Pool or a Dip of the Toe?

Refugee Co-Lab: Using Design Thinking to Integrate Refugees into Communities in Greece

GeekFest 2017: Talking Open Source Design, Makerspaces, and Global Supply Chains with Jessica Berlin

HCD in the Field: Trading Counterfeit Rupees for Real Insights with Farmers in Nepal

Lean Design for Development: A Practical Approach to Human-Centered Design

6 Things I Have Learned About Delivering an Introductory ICT4D Training

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Meet Honduras's Innovation Community

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Jhatkaa: Tech-enabled Citizen Advocacy in India

I Made a Facebook Chatbot (And You Can, Too)

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More Data, Less Risk: Innovators Chart a Path to Financial Inclusion

What Good Is the Internet of Things to People Who Don’t Have the Internet?

Hey USAID, Want to Promote Innovation?

ICT in the Agricultural Sector: Business Concepts from Ghanaian Youth

Notes from the Field: Makerspaces a Great Solution for Tanzanian Youth to Realize Dreams

Los Mejores 3 Conceptos Para Enfrentar el Cambio Climatico de NASA Space Apps Bogotá

Top 3 Climate Change Concepts from NASA Space Apps Challenge Bogotá

Injecting Ghana’s Ag Sector with Youth-led ICT Energy

6 Amazing Examples Proving that the Medical Technology Transformation is Upon Us

SXSW: Tech Trends 2016

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