As our Center for Digital Acceleration team grows, we are finding new ways to share knowledge beyond our epic WhatsApp group chat that grows more ridiculous and off-topic by the day. We have some voracious readers on the team, so in prep for this post I took a minute to poll them to find out which recent articles they found fascinating—and I had missed them all! Since I can’t be the only one, I am sharing them with you to ensure these gems get as wide a readership as possible.

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1. Cooking Up a Design Training Curriculum for Non-Designers This is such a great piece on teaching human-centered design to non-designers, a piece so often missing in our work. Taking folks through a design process is very different from equipping them with the tools to run the process themselves. This article is particularly interesting as it details working in the complex Syrian refugee context in Jordan. Second cool thing: They ended up creating an HCD glossary in Arabic! Third cool thing: Follow Sarah Fathallah on Twitter. She’s amazing and I am a huge fan.

2. When Passion and Technology Meet While this is a pretty standard ‘check out these cool innovators’ style piece, I hadn’t heard of some of the featured innovators and many of them sit squarely in the ICT4D space—a reminder of the continued great divide between donor-funded innovation and private sector-driven innovation, and how we need to work harder to bridge that gap. This article is one way to start.

3. Does Greater Financial Inclusion Lead to Financial Health? While any American millennial could have told you the answer to this, these new findings from a large Gallup poll in emerging markets are pretty wild and pose some serious questions for the financial inclusion industry on the base assumption of their work. Spoiler ahead—people’s access to financial services appears to have little correlation with financial security. This article, and the full research linked to in it, are worth your read.

4. No One’s Ready for GDPR Have you noticed a spate of emails in your inbox about new terms and conditions for your data usage? I have too—thanks GDPR! The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is now in effect, but how ready are folks and how able are large organizations to meet the changes? If you don’t think your org is ready, check out DevResults’ handy GDPR Tips and Tools.

5. Signal Code: Ethical Obligations for Humanitarian Information Activities Hot off the presses, this work seeks to provide comprehensive ethical guidance for the usage of technology and data in humanitarian response. While humanitarian response and development work are different, I still think this is KEY for all ICT4D practitioners—and wrote a recent blog post to that effect. It’s a weighty read, but it should be.