The Digital Frontiers project has extended the deadline for proposals for a Digital Trade and e-Commerce Advisor to support the African Union (AU) Commission under its ProICT program activity (initial announcement here). ProICT is part of the Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership and is designed to fund intensive, dedicated policy, and regulatory engagements in the areas of telecommunications, internet, and ICT. This activity will provide technical assistance to the AU Commission’s Department of Trade and Industry on digital trade and e-commerce work.

While digital trade represents a multitrillion-dollar market globally, Africa currently claims only a small share of e-commerce revenues. Nevertheless, digital trade in Africa is rapidly growing and is expected to constitute a growing share of trade under the African Continental Free Trade Area. Staff in the AU Commission Department of Trade and Industry, as well as many AU member state policymakers, require additional expertise and knowledge on policies related to digital trade and e-commerce for the development and implementation of the Digital Trade Implementation Plan of the African Digital Transformation Strategy 2020-2034. The activity will also support AU Commission staff and policymakers with capacity building on issues of digital trade and e-commerce.

Proposals are being accepted from individuals or organizations to provide one advisor to be dedicated to the activity full time for approximately 22 months, eventually to be based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

How to Apply

More information on qualifications and how to apply can be found in RFP 2020-13.

Proposals are due October 2 at 5pm ET to [email protected]. Questions should be sent to [email protected]. If you are interested in receiving updates and further communications regarding this RFP please email [email protected].

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