Rapidly changing access to digital tools such as basic mobile phones is changing the landscape for how we can address the challenges to ending global hunger, undernutrition, and extreme poverty. “Despite our collective progress in global food security and nutrition over recent years, a projected 702 million people still live in extreme poverty; nearly 800 million people around the world are chronically undernourished; and 159 million children under five are stunted. Food security is not just an economic and humanitarian issue; it is also a matter of security, as growing concentrations of poverty and hunger leave countries and communities vulnerable to increased instability, conflict, and violence.” (U.S. Government Global Food Security Strategy 2017-2021).

To help address these challenges, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Bureau for Food Security is working with DAI’s Digital Frontiers project to help integrate digital tools and approaches into their programs. USAID is scaling the use of digital tools by providing technical assistance to Feed the Future and other programs, providing capacity building and strengthening the knowledge base of best practices in digital agriculture and food security under the Global Food Security Strategy.

CABI Group photo.jpg Picture taken by CABI during the Fall Armyworm competition.

Today, Digital Frontiers releases a request for proposals to develop a network of experienced organizations with a diversity of regional experience, technical knowledge, and consulting and program management skills that the Bureau and USAID Missions can easily access to meet immediate and long-term digital support needs. DAI anticipates awarding this opportunity as an indefinite quantity contract with issuance of cost-reimbursable or time-and-materials task orders.

Who Should Apply?

DAI is looking for qualified organizations with:

More information on qualifications and how to apply can be found here. Proposals are due March 26 to [email protected]. Questions regarding the request for proposals are due March 12 to [email protected].