During his decade-long career as a specialist in international development and conflict management, Anand Varghese has managed complex operations with a commitment to using information and communications technology (ICT) tools to create peaceful social change around the world. Anand helps DAI’s projects integrate ICT into their activities and build partnerships with local technology companies. Prior to joining DAI, he served as Senior Manager at the PeaceTech Lab at the U.S. Institute of Peace. Anand played an integral role in creating and launching the PeaceTech Lab, the first nonprofit spin-off the institute has created in its 30-year history. In doing so, Anand guided elements of strategic planning for the transition of the PeaceTech Lab, including its conceptual foundation, business development, space design, and collaboration with the private sector. Anand has managed a number of technology-related development projects, including the first nationwide mobile phone-based survey in Afghanistan, training workshops for youth activists on crowdsourced mapping tools, and partnerships with universities to help integrate young engineers into conflict management. Anand has authored studies on topics such as new media, online discourse, and science diplomacy. His other research interests include nationalism, ethnic conflict, and political development, especially in South Asia. He hails from Bangalore, India, where he worked in advertising and music journalism.