Mark your calendars for November 7-9, because ICTforAg is back and bigger than ever. The recent online launch event unveiled the theme for 2023: “Cultivating Inclusion.” This annual gathering, now hosted by CGIAR in partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Feed the Future, DevGlobal, and DAI’s Digital Frontiers project, will be a global hub where technology and agriculture intersect. Sign up now and submit your session ideas.

A Global Platform for Agriculture and Tech

ICTforAg has grown into a worldwide platform where agricultural experts, tech enthusiasts, and thought leaders share knowledge, co-create solutions, and build partnerships. What started as a conference has become a dynamic online forum, attracting over 3,000 participants from 123 countries in 2022. This year, CGIAR takes the lead, planning to host ICTforAg as a virtual event and transitioning into a hybrid format in CGIAR locations worldwide in 2024.

Inclusivity: The Heart of ICTforAg 2023

ICTforAg is an essential event for the agricultural development community. It connects people worldwide working in agriculture, especially those focused on low- to middle-income countries and smallholder farmers. This year’s theme, “Cultivating Inclusion,” reflects ICTforAg’s commitment to addressing the disparities in digital technology adoption and its benefits, focusing on equitable and responsible digital solutions.

Keynote Speaker: Kentaro Toyama

The launch event featured the exciting announcement of Kentaro Toyama as one of the keynote speakers. Toyama, co-founder of Microsoft Research India and Kellogg professor of community information at the University of Michigan, brought a thought-provoking perspective. He emphasized that technology amplifies existing human forces, underlining the importance of ensuring that technology positively impacts agriculture. Toyama’s insights are sure to inspire attendees during the conference.

Join the Conversation

For those eager to participate in the upcoming ICTforAg conferences, whether by shaping the agenda, sponsoring the event, or attending, visit the official website at ICTforAg. Remember to sign up for the ICTforAg newsletter to stay updated on all the latest developments.

Have ideas on how to change agrifood systems? Head to our website and register and submit session ideas for this year’s event. Join us at ICTforAg 2023 and be part of this dynamic, inclusive, and innovative journey.